How to make biscuits

Cinnamon stars, coconut macaroons, and classic cookies sweeten our Advent season every year. How to make biscuits Roll out the dough, cut out the shapes and decorate the cookies – it’s not just fun for children. Regardless of whether you are already a baking professional or have never baked cookies yourself for many, baking cookies is just as much a part of the Christmas season as making an Advent calendar or festively decorating the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, cookies are not suitable for a diet, as they consist of sugar and fat. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do without the Christmas delicacies: Feast in moderation and make up for small-calorie sins elsewhere!

This is how the perfect cookies are made. Make biscuits

The easiest way to make cookies is to use the 1-2-3 cookie dough formula: A classic shortcrust pastry is made from one part sugar (e.g., 100 grams), two parts butter (200 grams), and three parts flour (300 grams). This can be varied very easily with cocoa or ground nuts. 

The ingredients

Sugar not only makes the cookies sweet but also crispy. Sometimes, however, it forms unsightly brown spots when baking. If the biscuits can be a little softer and creamier, try powdered sugar instead of regular sugar. It would help if you sieved this beforehand; otherwise, there will be lumps in the dough. The same goes for flour, by the way.

Flour absorbs liquid and fat and combines all ingredients into a smooth and malleable dough. More innovative types of flour such as wholemeal and spelled flour also perform this task. Their slightly hearty taste goes particularly well with nut biscuits. Whole wheat flour only needs a little more liquid when baking than white flour. Do not add the flour to the other ingredients until the last preparation step: It stirs for too long. Lumps will form in the dough.

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Attention: Even if you want to prepare your cookies as smartly as possible, you should not use diet margarine. It contains too much water and is therefore not suitable for baking. A better alternative is low-fat yogurt butter.

The easiest way to tell whether the cookies are ready-baked is by their underside. If this is already brown, you can take the cookies out of the oven because cookies turn brown faster at the bottom than on the surface due to the sheet metal. It usually darkens after baking.

This way, the cookies won’t get mushy later. 

Before you stow the cookies airtight in tin cans, let them cool down completely. Otherwise, condensation will form in the can, which will make the cookies mushy. Shortbread biscuits and shortcrust biscuits last at least six to eight weeks, cinnamon stars and Bethmännchen three months, and gingerbread cookies even up to six months.

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