How to do a push up?

Push-up is a great strength workout for the overall body. It not only maintains weight but also keeps the body in shape. In the following article, we learn how to do a pushup? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Benefits of pushups

Burns calories

Make shoulder joints strong

Prevents cardiovascular disease

Increases metabolic rate

Increases posture and flexibility

Promotes testosterone production in the body

Strengthens core muscles

Improves grip muscles

Increases bone density and prevents lower back and skeletal injuries

There are more than 100 ways to do pushups. Some will be described here to make it easy for you to choose the right way to perform it.


These pushups are for those who will try them for the first time.

Off the wall

Balancing your body is the most difficult part of doing pushups. So the very first step in making yourself an expert is to start it with the wall. Just stand facing the wall and keep your hands on the wall and feet slightly apart. Remember, your knees must be straight. It would help to place your hands on the wall slightly wider than your shoulders. Now bend your head and chest towards the wall coming as close as possible, and then return to the starting position. Practicing this position regularly will make standard pushups easier for you.

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Step 1

Grab a flat mat and put it on the floor since practicing yoga, exercise, and pushups on the bare floor could cause many injuries. It would help if you were comfortable while doing pushups.

Step 2

 Lay flat on the floor. Keep your hands next to your chest, and your hands should be wider than the chest. Keep your back and legs straight. 

Step 3

The next step is to bend your legs, lift your body from the ground for a while, and return to the starting position. But your body should not touch the floor while doing these pushups. Do not forget to inhale while going down and exhale while coming up.


Step 1

Put a mat on the floor and come in a standard pushup position. Keep your back and hips straight throughout the process. 

Step 2

The next step is to lower your body towards the ground and, while falling yourself towards the bottom simultaneously, bring your knee out to the side and then touch your elbow with this knee but your other knee should be on the basis when the other is touching your elbow. 

Step 3

Repeat the process and now it’s time to do the same with your second leg by taking it out to the side and then touching your elbow with this. Repeat it again and again. Keep in mind that inhale while going down and exhale while coming up.

One-arm pushups

Put a mat on the floor and bring your body in a standard pushup position. One-arm pushups are performed just like other normal pushups but with little modification. 

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Step 1

Come in a pushup position, keep your back and hips straight, toes touching the floor.

Step 2

Keep your one hand on the floor bending the elbow and one arm on the back but your back and hips should remain straight in this process. Your hand should be wider than the shoulder.

Step 3

Next step is to lower your body with the help of one arm and lift it using the same arm. Repeat the process again and again to strengthen your core muscles.

So these are some methods to do pushups. It is not a difficult task but practice is the demand of every workout and it makes things easy for everyone.

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