How to change wifi password

It is long and cryptic. In addition, it is usually on the underside of the router—the WiFi password. In the great PIN and password jungle of our time, the WiFi password is undoubtedly not one of the personal codes that you need most often. And if you do need it, you turn the router upside down – and type in the fundamental character by character. But that’s not only cumbersome and annoying in the long run. A password that has not changed for many years is also a hit for people with criminal energy. To protect the home network against cyber attacks, you should change the WiFi password in your own four walls from time to time.

This article will find out how this works with the most common router models and what else you need to consider when changing the WiFi password.

Change WiFi passwords: play it safe.

In the vast majority of cases. The WiFi password is hidden on an (easy-to-find) sticker on the WiFi router, which Internet providers make available to their customers when they sign a contract. And it is precisely this router that is the key to an alternative WiFi password that you can remember better – and at the same time makes your network a bit more secure. The best-case scenario is to change the WiFi password immediately after the router has been set up. You can read here how this works with two of the most common router models.

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Changes WiFi passwords: This is how it works with the Fritzbox

In addition to your wireless LAN, your personal Fritzbox, i.e., the device itself, is password-protected. To initially this password to change, proceed as follows.

  1. Enter the fritz. box in the address line of your browser
  2. Sign in with the current password
  3. Click on “Registered” in the menu bar
  4. Select the link “Change Password.”
  5. Type in the new password and click “OK”

To do this. The first log into your router at the fritz. Box. And so it continues.

  1. Look in the menu on the left for the item “WLAN” and select the sub-item “Security.”
  2. The current password (the so-called WiFi network key) is displayed in the “Encryption” tab.
  3. Select all characters with the mouse and delete the password with “Del.”
  4. Please enter a new password
  5. Confirm your entry by clicking the “Apply” button

Changes the WiFi passwords on the Speedport router.

Telekom is still one of the big players in the German Internet market. As a rule, customers who conclude a contract receive a so-called Speedport router with them. And this is how you change the password on this device.

  1.  Under http: //speedport.ip the router login (Alternative:
  2.  Enter device password
  3. Option 1 : Via the menu item “Security” in the menu “SSID & encryption”
  4. Option 2: Via “Home Network” and “Wlan Basic Settings” to the “Name and Encryption” menu
  5. Enter a new password in the appropriate field (at least 18 characters for new devices)
  6. Check encryption technology (WPA2 or WPA2-Personal are correct)

Step 1 is the login on the router. Under menu items such as WiFi or Security, you will usually find the option to display and change the old WiFi password.  

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Change WiFi passwords: the trickier, the more secure.

When hackers show even larger companies almost every day how vulnerable their IT systems are, number combinations such as “123456” and the classic “password” were among the top 5 most common passwords in German households in 2019. Criminals almost feel offended in their honor. If you don’t want to make it easy for hackers, you should also observe a few rules when changing your WiFi password. The IT experts from the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam recommend the following points for all digital encryption:

  1. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters
  2. preferably more than 15 characters
  3. Dictionary words are taboo
  4. if in doubt, work with a password manager
  5. no identical or similar passwords for different services
  6. Use two-factor authentication whenever possible

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Regardless of which router you change the password on, The WiFi connection must then be set up again on all devices integrated into the network. Such as smartphones, laptops, televisions. Box systems. Or other innovative home tools.

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