How to burn fat

Sometimes there are several correct answers to a question, which even claim opposing solutions. How to burn fat For example, on the question of how best to lose weight by running? One approach is: run as fast as possible so that you burn as many calories as possible. Sounds logical. I am burning lots of calories while running will help you lose weight. The other equally correct answer is: run as slowly as possible in the fat-burning area. Fat burning and weight loss work particularly well when jogging quietly. Burning fats, who doesn’t want that? But which tip now best leads to the goal.

Lose weight continuously and burn fat with ease How to burn fat

1. Correct tip: run fast to lose weight How to burn fat

If you train hard, you have to spend a lot of energy on it. That’s a biochemical law. How to burn fat This means that running fast burns a lot of calories. Carbohydrates as well as fats. But how long can you train as quickly as possible? That depends, of course, on the pace – maybe 20, maybe 40 minutes. How many times a week can you do this challenging workout? Maybe three or four times. However, this does not make sense. Because with this type of training, you burn a lot of calories and invest a lot of strength. Those who do this for three to four weeks risk “overtraining” and will soon give up running again.

2. Correct tip: jog slowly and lose weight

If you run slowly, you burn fewer calories in the same amount of time. But the percentage of fat calories when jogging is significantly higher. This is because it is easier for your body to take in oxygen when you run. And he needs oxygen to be able to convert fats into kinetic energy. A look at the Nordic walking exercise shows that many slow running units are not the best tip. Few walkers achieve their goals and lose the excess of their hips and stomach. Losing weight with walking works, but most (Nordic) walkers lack the right strategy.

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3. Correct tip: run long and slowly and lose weight

Slow runs in the fat metabolism area can be made even more effective by running slowly for a long time. Of course, if you do sport longer, you burn more energy. But not only that. Long and slow running, 90 minutes and more, improve the ability to burn fat. The body develops more mitochondria. These are power cells that help muscles absorb oxygen to burn as much fat as possible. The more often you run long and slowly, the better your ability to convert fat calories into kinetic energy – essential for everyone who wants to lose weight with endurance sports. The following applies: 120 minutes are better than 90, 150 better than 120 minutes. Three hours is better than 2 hours. But how many three-hour runs per week can an everyday amateur runner do? Hardly more than one.

Lose weight successfully by running with the running campus method

How to burn fat?

In my consultations, I emphasize that the overweight person has the same goal as the ideal weight marathon runner. Both want their fat-burning to enhance. One to lose weight, the other to run for a more extended period and become faster at the same time. The best way to get there is through training that is never boring, neither under- nor overburdened, leading to the goal in the shortest possible time. If you want to lose weight in a short time and get more stamina, you should avoid “empty kilometers.” Empty kilometers make the training diary complete but not bring you closer to your actual training goal. With the running campus method, you train at least three times a week and efficiently achieve your goals with just three critical units.

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You can find the best training plans for weight loss at Laufcampus. Start with the training plan determination and find out which program is right for you.

Lose Weight By Running – The Best Strategy

Lose weight by running three times a week

The first fundamental unit is the quick endurance run (ZDL). As described above, this burns many calories in a short time.

The second unit of the week is a regenerative, slow endurance run (LDL), i.e., leisurely, easy jogging. One speaks of jogging if one can still talk while running. As described above, more fat calories than carbohydrates are burned here, and at the same time, you recharge your batteries – for more running units this week.

The third running session is the long and slow run. The recommendation here is the longer and slower, the better. If this running unit lasts longer than 90 minutes, you can classify this workout as the second fundamental unit. If you do a lot of long and slow runs, you will burn more fat calories even when you run briskly. So the long run has a double effect.

Possible additional training to lose weight faster

Suppose you complete a speed training session as a driving game or interval training on the track as the fourth running unit of the week. In that case, you also integrate excellent cardiovascular training into your running plan. Such training makes you self-confident and also strengthens the heart muscle. Speed ​​training is the third fundamental unit in the running campus method.

And the fifth training unit for all nerds: An additional long and slow bike ride doesn’t hurt your legs, but it’s perfect for burning fat. But be careful: spinning does not apply here. Only long and calm pedaling is a valuable addition to the training plan.

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