How to block your number?

How to prevent the number phone

It can be said that you have a smug friend who has an unhealthy habit and always calls you at the most inappropriate time and you want to point it out? Recently, a number you don’t know has started to call you more and more, and you don’t know how to get rid of it. Your colleagues often bother you outside of the office. You can’t stand it anymore? Well, if you are reading this guide now, the answer to at least one question is yes. If so, and you are looking for effective solutions to resolve the issue, please know that I am indeed very good news for you: You can easily solve the problem by blocking phone numbers.

Block phone number on iPhone 

If you have an iPhone and want to block your phone number, please know that you don’t need to install any apps on your device. To block a phone number on the iPhone, you can simply take advantage of special features which include the iOS system in, OS for Apple mobile devices.

To block a phone number on your iPhone, click the icon configured to display on the iOS home screen, tap the item a phone number, and press to lock. Then select articles plus.

Now, select the name of the phone number you want to block from the address book. According to your needs, you can add one or more names without limitation. Then press the Voice phone number located in the upper left corner to confirm the application of operations that are performed.

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If you want to stop the phone number is not the iPhone address book, press the Phone icon on the home screen, select the tab recently and then press the number next to the icon you want to block me. Then select the item block a contact in the menu that opens, the number will add to your “black list” immediately.

Block phone number on Android

If you have an Android phone or tablet that is based on the Green Robot platform and has SIM card support, you can use the features already included in the device or use a specific third-party application to block the phone number.

If you want to block phone numbers on Android using the feature already included in your device, which allows you to transfer all calls from a specific contact to the answering machine, then all you have to do is to go to the home screen of the device and press The application has an icon that represents the handset of the phone. Then press the voice directory (located in the upper right corner), and scroll through the entire list of contacts, until you find the contact you want to perform the operation so far.

Bottom Line

Now press the icon representing the three points, the upper right portion of the screen displays the icon is located, and in the menu that appears, select the item added to the list of numbers to automatically reject o Add to spam numbers (this project may change, specific It depends on the make and model of your Android phone or tablet.) After this operation complete, a prohibition symbol will display next to the phone number of the contact you decide to block. From then on, the contact’s phone will always block.

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To block more phone numbers on Android, you just need to perform the process I just indicated for each contact you want to use.

If you have a long-term Android phone or tablet and need to block your phone number, the steps will be slightly different. In order to prevent the phone number on older versions of Android-based devices, you need to log in to the application person, you must select the name you want to use, then press the button with the three points of the top right corner.

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