How do tornadoes form

How do tornadoes form: Different natural disasters have different reasons, causes, and effects. Volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods are all commonly known. People are used to them, and they know very much about them. In the following article, we get to know about How do tornadoes form? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

In this article, we are coming up with the disaster that you all are unaware of, tornadoes—a massive collection of winds that destroy everything that comes in its way. If you are eager to know about tornadoes, then this is the right site where you are present. This article will answer all your questions and make you aware of tornadoes.

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What is a tornado?

A tornado is the collection of air that gathers, rotates brutally, and destroys everything that comes in its path. Its shape is like a huge funnel, and in this funnel, the air rotates horizontally at high speed. This funnel also contains different particles that are present in the ground. When a tornado occurs, these particles mix with air, rotate with the high wind and cause destruction.

How tornadoes occur:

There are different stages of winds that lead toward the tornado. The first stage is wind shear. It is the initial stage of the storm. When the storm comes, the initial air starts gathering on the land’s surface horizontally. Then it comes to the updraft. After some time, these horizontal direction winds change their direction and start rotating in a vertical direction. This is the second stage of the thunderstorm. After some movement in the updraft level, the wind now changes its form into a storm, the third tornado stage. All the stages combine in which warm and cool air is mixed, and they collectively form a supercell that we call the last step toward a tornado. Supercell is the last and exceptional case made after thousands of thunderstorms. After the formation of supercells, all the supercells are not the reason for tornados. After every 6 to 7 supercells, one supercell results in a tornado.

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Duration and facts about tornado:

After knowing its formation and causes, it is compulsory to know about the duration of its presence. A tornado that lasts for a lesser period is only for a few seconds. But the tornado that lasts for the longest period is for 3 hours. The average speed of a tornado is 48 kilometers per hour. The average width of a tornado is approximately 650 feet. If we talk about the average stamina, it is about 9.6 kilometers. 

What are its destructions?

Tornadoes cause massive destruction no matter what comes in their way. Most tornadoes occur in the United States. Americans have to face tornadoes once a year. About 500 million dollars are wasted every year because tornadoes come with destruction at a massive level. It damages bridges and cars, and other vehicles that are in its way. Huge buildings also get affected due to tornadoes.

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