The Evil Queen in Snow White asks the magic mirror to show her faces; but with technology, we just need to use FaceApp to do it. With FaceApp, you can use a photo and swap the gender, change the age, and even add a smile on the face. Simply take a selfie or use a photo from your camera roll, FaceApp would alter it with neural-network technology according to your wish. Curious to see how you would look like older? Want to show your friends how you used to look like? Or even, what if you have a twin of a different gender? FaceApp can show you all of them, including a filter “Flash” that lightens and smooths out your skin, and another filter that gives you surprisingly realistic smile! You have that friend who never smiles in a group photo and ruins the aesthetics? Fret no more with FaceApp on your phone for both Apple and Android.

Photo Credit: Best-Article-Directory

Video Credit: Tech Insider

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