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Camping is getting bigger in Hong Kong for the cityfolks to get in touch with nature. Heimplanet Maverick’s inflatable tents are here to show you how air-filled poles can replace traditional tent material like aluminum/carbon fiber poles in rough weather and protect you in style. Holding 10-person in its multi chamber safety system with double-walled air beams, the 2m tall 13sq m sized Mavericks inflatable tent prevents on leak from deflating the entire tent, can spread stress over a larger surface and maintain a solid structure in rough weather, standing up to 112mph winds. In case there is a leak, you can always patch or replace the inner TPU tube easily.

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It is super easy to use Mavericks, just pump up the infltable exoskeleton and the whole tent will be set in under 10 minutes. With five fully openabe widnwos and five partially openable windows, the tent is basically a temporary functional home for you in the wild. Of course, being such a great and equipped tent, its price is not cheap; it is available for 4,621EUR (approx. 40,300HKD) excluding the postage, which is not cheap considering the tent weights around 55lbs. Happy Camping!

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Credit: newatlas

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