Often we find ourselves asking at school, why do we need maths? The Swish chair is here to answer, for aesthetic and practicality. Designed by Carlo Ratti for the Italian furniture company Cassina, the Swish is an experimental project to use the ordinary to create something exception. The Swish is more than just a normal wooden stool, it has 27 cherry wood pieces that interlock with hinges, all conformed to a different shape using algorithms. Resembling a cartwheel, The Swish looks futuristic and cool, but all that needed to create that magically wooden throne is simple maths and wood. Although it is only a prototype, The Swish is a perfect example of what Algorithms can do. Perhaps Cassina will mass produce The Swish so all your homes can have a simplistic math-magical chair for all you minimalistic fans out there!

Photo Credit: Cassina

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