In a room, lighting can make all the difference. Bright lights are great for working, while soft, warm illumination can set the mood for a romantic evening. Here at Whoopzz, we have introduced several smart lighting systems. What if you can take even greater control in designing your home lighting, or even play with lights? Nanoleaf Light Panels are modular lights that let you illuminate your life however you like it.

nanoleaf light panels

Credit: Nanoleaf

Watch Your Music Come To Life

Nanoleaf Light Panels don’t just light up rooms, oh no. It can listen to music and react to it, too. With the optional Rhythm module, you can turn music into light. The module lets the light panels react to any genre of music in real time. You can also design the colors and hues via the mobile app. There’s no reason why you should use just one sense to enjoy your favorite pieces. With Nanoleaf Light Panels, you can turn any musical pieces into a feast for the eyes, too.

nanoleaf light panels

Credit: Nanoleaf

Play With Lights With Nanoleaf Light Panels

Of course, lighting isn’t just for fun. It serves a practical purpose in our lives as well. Simply piece the triangular panels together in whatever configuration your heart desires. They can be easily mounted onto any flat surface with mounting tapes. Then, design your heart away via the mobile app. You can decide on the colors, transitions, and set schedules. Design scenes that wake up you in the morning, and put you to sleep at night. You can also download scenes from the Nanoleaf community, or share your works with other users.

nanoleaf light panels

Credit: Nanoleaf

Voice Control and IFTTT

In this day and age, it’d be silly to think we still need to actually move to turn lights on. The Nanoleaf Light Panels are compatible with Siri, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant. The light panels are also IFTTT-enabled, so you can pair them with other gadgets you may already have in your home. Change the lighting scene with just your voice. Alternatively, you can still use the toggle button on the physical controller to turn the panels on or off, and switch between scenes.


Some of you might remember LIFX Tiles, similarly modular light panels that I talked about a few months ago. While LIFX and Nanoleaf are similar in nature, they differ considerably in pricing. With the Nanoleaf Light Panels, you get 9 panels for USD229.99. Compare that to LIFX, where you get 5 tiles for USD249.99. The Nanoleaf panels, being triangles rather than square, offer a different kind of angle for your creative spirit to flow. Feel free to experiment with colors and shapes to design your own lighting!

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