As more of us live in homes with smart home systems, it’s only fair that our lighting systems are smart, too. Smart lighting systems clearly are not something brand new. You might even remember some that we’ve talked about, like Noon Lighting. Here comes a new and worthy contender in the market: Kleverness.


Credit: Kleverness

Kleverness is a Wonderfully Smart Lighting System

Kleverness is a system that automates your home lighting. Like Noon Lighting, it does not require modifications to your existing fixtures. The system grants you remote access via its app, and lets you schedule your lights. When you’re traveling, it mimics your usage pattern to keep your home safe. The system is also readily compatible with smart home assistants. In terms of basics, Kleverness is quite similar to most other smart lighting systems. However, it is its signature features make it truly stand out.

kleverness, smart lighting

Credit: Kleverness Inc

Geofencing for Your Lights

With geofencing, you can turn your lights on and off without uttering a word, raising a hand, or taking your phone out of your pocket. When you enter your home’s geofence range, the lights will automatically turn on. Conversely, it will turn off when you leave. It is the perfect way to make sure that all the lights are off, so you can save money and reduce energy consumption.

Monitor Energy Consumption

Speaking of energy consumption, this smart system also lets you keep an eye on your electricity usage. You can set up notifications for daily, monthly, and yearly consumption reports. The system is even smart enough to alert you if one of the old bulbs are draining power, so you’ll know to replace it.

Kleverness Hub

Credit: Kleverness Incorporated

Motion Control

Too often we find ourselves with our hands full and unable to turn the lights on. The system enables motion control, letting you turn lights on, off, and control brightness with a few intuitive gestures. The switches are also equipped with proximity sensors. Instead of fumbling for the light switch at night, the LED lights in the switches light up when you’re near. That way, you won’t accidentally walk into a bookcase or a dining table.

Simple Installation and No Modifications

To smarten up your lights, you don’t need to replace all the fixtures. All you need is to plug in the hub to your router, and switch out the light plates. The conversion is a simple project that you can handle yourself. If you’re still unsure, there’s a walkthrough available on its app that you can follow.

kleverness, smart lighting

Credit: Kleverness Inc


I have referenced Noon Lighting a few times in this piece. So, how does Kleverness weigh up against it? They are both smart lighting systems that do not require modifications. They are both compatible with smart home assistants and allow for remote access via an app. Noon Lighting does not come equipped with geofencing, consumption monitoring or motion control. However, it does help design beautiful, layered light in your home. Ultimately, the two systems serve different purposes, so just pick the one that suits your needs most.

Pricing and Where to Buy

That said, if you’re looking for an affordable smart lighting system, Kleverness is still the preferable one. The hub’s pre-order price is USD87. It will cost you USD49 for each add-on switch/dimmer, and USD35 for each add-on socket. You can now pre-order on their Kickstarter page, and if you’re interested, be quick! There’s less than a day left in their fundraising!

Video Credit: Kleverness Inc


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