About Coolsculpting

Cryolipolysis is the most popular way to reduce fat on the market today. The process freezes and kills fat cells without causing harm to the skin or tissues. The spa procedure naturally eliminates fat from the body over a span of about three to six months; areas that are treated shrink about 25% after one treatment session. Know About Coolsculpting –

An FDA-Endorsed Fat Reduction Technology- About Coolsculpting

The FDA-cleared outpatient procedure is both safe and effective. Sessions last, on average, about 35 minutes but can last longer, depending on the areas you want to target. You won’t experience downtime like you do when you opt for a more invasive surgical procedure like liposuction.

While liposuction effectively removes fat in the back, arms, abdomen, legs, neck, thighs, and hips, it has a lengthy recovery period. Patients usually have to spend about six months recuperating from the procedure. It also costs much more than non-surgical fat-reduction remedies.

Therefore, cryolipolysis, popularly known as Coolsculpting from Sculpt Spa, draws a great deal of interest from men and women who want to reduce stubborn fat.  Sites normally targeted include the abdomen, inner or outer thighs, flank (love handles or muffin top), chin, or upper arms.

The Idea Behind Freezing Fat Cells

The idea for the freezing process came about in 2008. At that time, scientists observed that children who sucked on popsicles sometimes developed indentions in their cheeks. The condition, called popsicle panniculitis, results when the frozen treat kills fat cells. 

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Scientists also noticed the same effects when women rode horseback in the cold. The freezing temperatures caused the rider’s thighs to slim over time.

Given these observations, a machine was manufactured to permanently freeze fat cells and help people with excess fat have a firmer and more toned body

However, you still have to remember that the procedure does not take the place of eating fewer calories or regular exercise. If you don’t combine cryolipolysis with a sensible eating plan and a more active lifestyle, you will still gain weight.

What Takes Place During a Coolsculpt Process?

Usually, a doctor oversees the freezing procedure,  such as a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. A protective gel is first applied to the site, and applicators are set just above the freezing point. The applicators are used from 35 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the site.

A patient often experiences a slight pull of the skin and growing numbness during the process. These sensations result from the cold and the vacuums that are used. 

What Happens After the Procedure?

After the session, the fat cells begin to die, with the area shrinking, as noted, about 25%. To increase fat reduction to about 40% or get rid of small bulges, a patient may schedule another session for the same site at a later time.

Possible Side Effects

Some patients may experience temporary side effects, such as bruising, redness, tingling, cramping, itching, or tenderness. Patients who have fat removed from the chin may experience a full feeling toward the back of their throat. Although rare, some side effects include dizziness or frostbite that may last several weeks. 

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In Summation

For most people, the killing of fat cells by freezing turns out to help make them feel better about their bodies and help them follow a regular workout routine. 

If you are frustrated by the fat, you cannot remove it through regular diet and exercise. The Coolsculpt process might be the solution for you.


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