CES 2018 may have come to an end, but they definitely selected the best for last. My Special Aflac Duck, which won the Best of CES 2018 Award, is the perfect companion that accompanies and comforts children with cancer whenever they need a friend.

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my special aflac duck, best of CES 2018

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My Special Aflac Duck Wins Hearts In CES 2018

The most astonishing about My Special Aflac Duck is not its technology, but its humanity. While it doesn’t do anything spectacular, a My Special Aflac Duck can comfort a sick child with love and care. It looks adorable and you can’t help but hug it! There are five touch sensors inside the cheeks, under the wings, and on the back. So any kid can snuggle with their own Aflac Duck and receive responses.

The Perfect Companion For Sick Children

Our hearts break for children who suffer from terrible sickness at a young age. My Special Aflac Duck is made to accompany them through the possibly terrifying moments. Each duck has an accessory bag filled with things to help kids with can getting through terrible times. They have an IV set for children to “treat” the duck so they feel more secured with their own treatment. Children can put the duck in their IV mode so it will have heartbeat-like pulses for everyone to calm down.

my special aflac duck, best of CES 2018

Credit: The Verge

with RFID tags of emojis. When they don’t feel like talking, they can stick one to the duck’s chest and it can emulate to show the child support and understanding. There is also a rocket ship that pairs the duck with an app through Bluetooth for the children to pick a happy place. A soundscape of that place will be played through the duck to help the kids escape hospitals for a while and dream.

my special aflac duck, best of CES 2018

Credit: People

A Robot Made with Love and Care

No children should have to suffer. My Special Aflac Duck is here to make sure they will never be alone on their journey to recovery. The fur shell of it can be taken off to wash to keep it clean for sick children. It’s no wonder how it won Best of CES 2018 because it is simply what technology is about – making lives better. My Special Aflac Duck will be given free to children with cancer across the United States for now, and possibly more in the future.

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