3D printing is not just a serious sciency stuff, it can also be applied to adorable accessories to make your day brighter. Artur Dabrowski has the same vision and has a small object workshop called “Multiply Like Rabbits” about 3D printed jewelry design. Using the same mold to multiply(get it?), Dabrowski talks of how to make rings, cuffs, bracelets, and necklaces, and how the products and branding highlight the idea of ‘depth’ expressed through lines, composition, and depth of field for careful details and meaningful storytelling. Every piece has a meaning and a story behind its design. Dabrowski is trying to tell us that you don’t need a lot to express a lot, a simple ring with simplistic lines is sufficient to replace a thousand words. Interested? You can get your pick on Shapeways today!

Photo Credit: designboom


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