healthy sex life

Every woman deserves the best sex life, whether married or not. A healthy sex life assures you of multiple benefits, including better heart health, immunity, lower blood pressure, and pain relief. The idea is to get good, satisfying, and regular sex. Beyond this, you need to understand the various elements that showcase a healthy sex life. These aspects include the following.

Confident In Your Skin

Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence are associated with an excellent sex life. The first step towards having a healthy sex life is accepting your body, including shape and color. An impressive body image will give you the confidence to enjoy sex with your partner.

For example, suppose you dislike your thighs or belly. In this case, you might focus on these flaws so much that sex becomes less pleasurable. In the long run, you fail to enjoy sex and its benefits. If you are in this situation, you could consider fitness exercises to boost your confidence. Personalized fitness plans will be a better choice.

Confidence in your skin implies that you can masturbate to meet your needs too. Frequent masturbation allows you to explore your body, understanding the most pleasurable spots. In turn, you can tell your partner how you want it done in the bedroom.

You Are Expressive About Your Needs

Most people find it hard to express what they need from their partners. Suppressed communication could adversely affect your sex life. That is because no one will understand your needs and address them.

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For instance, suppose you want to purchase sex toys online and use them with your partner. In this case, you might want to engage your partner and let them know how toys can spice up your relationship. Taking the step to express this desire shows that you have a relatively healthy sex life and are willing to improve it further.

At the same time, people in a healthy sexual relationship are not shy to say what they want. For example, if you enjoy sex in a particular position, do not shy away from telling your partner. It is the surest way to build trust and intimacy in a relationship.

Communication and Intimacy Outside the Bedroom Is Excellent

Intimacy and communication are not a reserve for the bedroom. A healthy sex life requires both partners to communicate and indulge even beyond the bedroom. Sharing deep-seated issues will often be a perfect way to create a superior bond and intimacy.

You might also want to be playful outside the bedroom. For example, sharing kisses in the living room and exchanging flirtatious messages signifies that you have a good sex life. Perhaps, strutting naked in the kitchen while preparing a meal with your partner can help spice up your relationship. If you do this frequently and shamelessly, you will likely have a better relationship.

In addition, you are not ashamed to have sex outside the bedroom. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, you are willing to work with your partner. Besides, you do not worry about doing it too often.

Quality Time With Your Partner

Spending quality time with your partner signifies that you have a healthy sex life. Willingly prioritizing time with your partner shows that you two are close and enjoy a better sex life together. Spend time talking and engaging in romantic activities, including taking walks together and getting a candle-lit dinner. In addition, you could schedule time for sex. While it seems less unrealistic, it is a perfect way to spice up your sex life even better.

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In summary, the aspects above show that you have a healthy sex life. You could also use them as pointers to improve your current sex life.


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