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Stationery sounds rather banal and bland, because what is so great about these pens and erasers we use day in and day out? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you have been robbed of a whole world of wonder for all your life. Stationery, especially those of the Japanese strain, belong in a much quirkier and pleasantly surprising world.

We’re not just talking about tried and true but boring Bic mechanical pencils, we’re talking ones that keep themselves sharp, so every stroke is like using a brand new piece of lead. And of course, that’s not it. From pens to scissors to washi tapes to erasers, big brands are competing each year to out do each other in the race to make our lives more convenient and colorful.

You never know, you might grow to love these oddly useful items. With this section, I hope introduce to you some of the best Japan has to offer. So be prepared to be sucked into the wonderfully quirky and diverse world of Japanese stationery.

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