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Editor’s Picks

We review and talk about numerous products each month, but this doesn’t mean we’re totally in love with every single one of them. Sure, we like them all, but there will always be ones that take up a special place in our hearts. Editor’s Picks is where we put the ones we rave about day in day night even after they’re published, because they’re just that good and we want the world to know just how wonderful they are.

So, if you think your personal taste is similar to ours, do check out this tag often to see promising up and coming or already released products of the tech world! We don’t discriminate over here, so whether it’s in gear, style, tech & toys, gadget, food & drink, or stationery, they all have a chance to land in Editor’s Picks. Though of course, all of us writers have different tastes, so don’t worry, you won’t just be seeing my stationery posts there.