Best Laptops For Writers

Depending on what you are and what you mostly do on your laptop or computer, you need a computer for different requirements. Some people will need a computer with high graphics if they are gamers or work on video editing tools. On the other side of the picture, some would need Best Laptops For Writers with maximum RAM, and they are programmers. However, this is not enough because there are some fields one can name for minutes, and every area has its requirements.

A laptop can be more than enough for a medical student, but the same laptop with the same features will not work for a mechanical or civil engineering student. And when we go one step forward, students of software engineering and computer science need an all-rounder, which does not compromise on anything. They need a good processing speed, good storage, and good quality RAM and graphics card.

Portable device

Other than that, some people are always on the go, so they ever need a portable device that can easily be carried in their backpack. A laptop of more than 4 pounds in this era is not a good idea. More a laptop lighter more, it is easy to carry. Because if you are a student, you need a computer that can be taken to a library. Similarly, if you are a developer, then you might need a remote working laptop. So do not get yourself confused with the things, and look for something that suits you better.

Surface laptop 2

In this article, we will look at some laptops that are best for writing purposes. Writing does not need high processing speed, or a targeted speed clock, etc. It also does not require software that consumes more space in Random Access Memory (RAM).

Microsoft has a reliable and smart looking device in the surface laptop 2. if you want a tool primarily for writing that can give you plenty of juice throughout a day, this is the top choice. It may not be one of the greatest and latest laptops these days, but it still offers fantastic value. When it comes to portability, it is one of the lightest laptops in the world. It weighs nearly dead on 1.25 Kg or 2.75 pounds, so carry it anywhere, and it is not going to hurt your back carried around in a rucksack all day. It is even lighter than the surface laptop 313, which hit the scales of 2.7 kilograms. 2 in 1 Laptops

The surface laptop’s screen is excellent.

In The surface laptop keyboard is surrounded by Alcantara, a vegan suede-like microfiber that feels very premium and always offers a degree of comfort only a few laptops have. Which The surface laptop’s screen is excellent. It is a 13.5-inch LCD touchscreen, using the same pixels and technologies that you will find on the rest of the surface range. It runs at a native resolution of 22:56 by 1504 and three by two (3:2) aspect ratio.

Microsoft did release the surface laptop 2 with the full-fat Windows 10 home rather than the S mode on the original, and that is commendable. While it is now a simple toggle to get from S mode to windows ten proper, a full-desktop Operating Experience, out of the box, his time is a vast improvement.

Configuration includes

The configuration includes the current core i5 8250 u processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256 GB of NVME (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD (Solid State Drive). Users can also choose a strong core i7 16GB of RAM, or larger storage devices 512GB or 1024GB. The surface laptop 2, from top to bottom a worthy sequel to the original device. It improves upon what was already there in a meaningful way with an even more robust performance due to the more powerful hardware inside along with a full Windows 10 out of the box. Overall, this is an excellent device for writers. Razer Laptop 

Surface Laptop 2 specifications

13.5-inch, 2256 x 1504 pixel touchscreen.

12.13” x 8.79” x 0.57” (0.39” at thinnest point)

2.76lbs (Core i5 model) / 2.83lbs (Core i7 model)

Hp Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage: $999.

In Hp Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage: $1,299.

This Hp Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage: $1,599.

Best Hp Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB storage: $2,199.

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Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 2019:

The Dell XPS 13 range has been around for quite a while and is one of the most successful series of Dell in the market. People seem satisfied and impressed with both of the models. Dell has continually improved not only the specifications of XPS 13 but its size, features, and battery life as well. The result after years of refinement, we can say that the Dell XPS 13 is one of the best travelers” laptop in 2020,

Especially those who work online. The first thing you will notice about XPS 13 is just how small and portable it is. The bezels around the screen are tiny, coupled with a slim and beautiful body that is under 12 inches wide and 2.7 pounds of weight. It is only accessible to carry around or use on an airline tray table than the competition. It is an attractive laptop too. There is a distinctive gorgeous complete variant available, as well as the silver and black carbon fiber carbon design we have seen in the past.

Despite the small stature

Even in the little things like the tiny lights on the side to show the remaining charge are stylish and understated. Despite the small stature, the XPS 13 is crammed full of high-end components. Dell counts it as the most powerful laptop in its class, and an independent benchmark confirms this is not just the marketing speed ability. You can choose between the latest intel 10th generation i3, i5, and i7 processors, with up to 32GB of RAM.

The solid-state drive pops out at a whopping 2TB with the options of either an FHD plus 1920 by 1200 screen or UHD plus 3840 by 2400 touchscreen. All in all, there is an awful lot to like about the latest Dell XPS 13, and almost nothing not to with the best mix of size, power, and price rate now, it is easily our top travel laptop in 2020.

Dell XPS 13 (2020) specs (as reviewed)

Processor: 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 (8MB cache, up to 3.9 GHz)

RAM: 16GB.

Storage: 512GB.

Weight: 2.8 lbs.

Thickness: 0.58 inches.

Battery: 52Wh.

Display: 13.4-inch touchscreen (1920 x 1200)

Camera: 720p.

Asus ux330ua-ah54:

Asus Zenbook has always managed to attract us. I am not just saying in terms of looks and designing, aesthetics, but in terms of overall performance as well. These laptops offer a lot of powerful hardware prepared with futuristic features at a budget. Accordingly, our current contender, the Asus Zenbook, is also launched with similar expectations and is promised to deliver sturdy performance with an impressive list of specifications. On top of all this, the laptop comes in all metal finished shiny chassis, which also adds in the premium aspects of the computer.

It is worth mentioning that almost all Ultrabooks these days look akin to Apple’s very own MacBook in terms of the overall form factor and design, and the is no exception in this case as well. There are a lot of similarities in and the MacBook Air. They are almost identical in size and weight and share similar design cues, including chunkier bezels around the curved display panel along the edges and keyboard layouts.

Gorilla glass protection

Supports a 13.3-inch broad view antique color display, protected with corner gorilla glass protection. The show at the laptop is an LED matt panel, which comes with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels; how The display on the computer is also bolstered by the IPS technology, known for providing vivid and clear display quality.

The display on the laptop is a wide viewing angle which covers up to 1078 degrees or better viewing. Can The laptop offer a color gamut of 72 percent, which is on par with most of the current display panels in this budget? As mentioned earlier, the Zenbook comes stuffed with the latest seventh-generation Intel Core i5 processor, paired with an 8GB of RAM.

This duo is now commonly seen on most of the latest laptops of this budget. Although the specifications are not that groundbreaking, it still offers a reliable and stable overall performance. The RAM and system memory is very well managed in this Ultrabook. With all that said, let me conclude by saying that the Asus Zenbook is one of the most polished and performance-oriented laptops in the segment.


Brand: Asus

Model: ZenBook UX330UA-AH54

Model number: UX330UA-AH54

Series: ZenBook

Dimensions: 221.00 x 32.30 x 33.02

Weight: 1.18

Colors: Gold

Operating system: Windows 10

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Battery capacity: 57

Battery Cell: 4

Display size: 13.30-inch

Processor, base clock speed, burst clock speed: Intel Core i5 7th Gen 7200U, 2.5 GHz, 3.1GHz

Random Access Memory, Storage: it has RAM of 8GB with a 256GB of Solid State Drive (SSD).  

Asus Chromebook flips C 302:

Chromebook are fantastic devices for writers. Owing to their low prices, substantial battery lives, and especially with laptops, Asus Chromebook flips with the excellent build quality. This 2 in 1 runs Google Chrome operating system. It is different from Windows 10 and cannot run Windows applications. Still, it is easy to get the hang off, and Chrome operating system has thousands of applications, along with android applications, which it can now run, which means you will likely find an alternative.

If you are always on the go and you need a portable machine to stay productive or to keep yourself entertained, then the flip C 302 is well worth considering. Asus has produced the device that is reminiscent of those old school MacBook we were all using a decade ago. It is compact and slender enough to easily fit inside a smaller backpack or even a good-sized handbag. The 1.2 kg of weight beats most of the Chromebook rivals.

Windows machine

You would have to pay top dollar for a Windows machine this slim. The flip looks pretty decent, too, with a sleek yet straightforward silver finish reminiscent of Apple’s laptops. You will not find much in the way of frills, but the curbed chassis is perfectly attractive and also reassuringly tough. I found only the merest hints of flex in the palm wrist. While the lip barely bends at all under stress. Any brand does not sponsor this article, but let me confess that I am a big fan of Asus keyboards, which are super comfortable to non-stop typing.

Limited space

Thankfully, After that, the Chromebook flip C 302 is not any different. Even with the limited space to work with, Asus has once again come up with the goods. The flip c 302 boasts one of the best Chromebook screams outside of Google’s pixel book. The 12.5-inch panel produces sharp, detailed images, thanks to the full HD plus resolution, so your photos and movies will look amazingly great.

Advantages of Chromebooks

One of the most significant advantages of Chromebooks is their commendable battery life. The simplicity and energy efficiency of the Chrome operating system, combined with low-power components, means you can generally keep going all day along with a highly portable and well-designed Chromebook. Although the Chromebook flip c 302 is more expensive than most of its rivals, pixel book aside.

Google Pixlebook Go:

The Google pixel book go earned our editor’s choice award in the Chromebook category. If Google’s original pixel book was and still is the ultimate Chromebook in terms of luxury, then the new Google pixel Chromebook is the top Chromebook. The Google pixel book goes designed to be thin and light, measuring just 0.5–inch thick and weighing 2.2 pounds.  Laptops for CD Drive

The laptop comes in just two colors, black and not pink. However, In other words, The laptop’s frame is made of magnesium alloy painted in a matte texture that, paired with the rippled base, is veritably easier to grip and hold while moving between meetings and workplaces, as Google promises.

Pixelbook Go specifications


Height: 13.4 mm

Length: 311.0 mm

Width: 206.3 mm


Full HD: 1061 g (2.3 lbs)

Ultra HD: 1090 g (2.4 lbs)

Display screen

Full HD 1920×1080 (166 PPI)

4K Ultra HD Molecular Display™ 3840×2160 (331 PPI)

Processor CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Powered by an 8th Gen Intel Core (m3/i5/i7) processor for faster browsing, gaming, and seamless 4K output to an external monitor. Compare m3, i5, and i7 processors

Memory (RAM), Random Access Memory

8GB or 16GB for seamless multitasking

Storage (Permanent)

64 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB solid-state internal storage

Battery (how long does it go)

Up to 12 hours of use1

45W charger (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A)

Fast charging: Up to 2 hours in 20 minu

 USB-C™ 45W adaptor also works with Pixel phones

Materials (Building Quality)

Finely painted magnesium alloy body

Corning Concord Glass


Not Pink

Just Black

Wireless (WI-FI and Bluetooth, etc.)

Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2×2 (MIMO), dual-band (2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz)

Bluetooth® 4.2

Audio jacks

Dual front-firing speakers for better surround sound

Two mics for improved noise cancellation


Backlit keys for easier typing in low light

Full size with 19 mm pitch

Hush Keys™

Google Assistant key


Extra-large trackpad with multi-touch and gesture support

Etched glass surface with anti-smudge coating

Camera Front and rear

2MP Duo Cam, 1080p HD video at 60FPS

Sensors for security purpose

Ambient Light Sensor

Magnetic Sensor

Ports for connectivity

2 USB-C ports for charging, up to 4K external display out, and fast data transfer

3.5 mm headphone jack

Safety and Security that Google Chromebook guarantees

Titan™ C security chip and built-in virus protection

Built-in FIDO authenticator

Operating System

Chrome OS


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