7 Sleeping Habits to Try for Better Sleep

Our sleep quality is affected by various habits that we are used to daily. Either they are lifestyle habits or sleeping habits. They positively or negatively affect the quality and quantity of sleep we get. Hence it is important if you have made sleep a priority that you consider if your sleeping habits are conducive for proper sleep.

Nowadays, with the many health concerns that are related to lack of adequate sleep in most people. Improving sleep habits is a major trend that everyone is concerned about. However, how does one go about it? Below are some sleeping habits that you can try for better sleep.

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Minimize smartphone use 

In today’s world, everyone has a mobile phone if not a smartphone. Therefore, they are exposed to the many social sites that are growing in number. This has made many people to get addicted to their phones. This smartphone addiction and use are not only affecting their sleep but their relationships among other things as well. Did you know your screen time during the day affects your sleep?

Various studies show that the more you are on your phone during the day affects the number of hours you spend sleeping at night. Therefore, it causes you to get low quality sleep yet this is a habit that you can control. Simply, try cutting down on the use of your smartphone during both day and night time and boost your sleep quality.

Splurge on good and clean beddings

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Investing in a good mattress firm, pillow and quality sheets are the first step for optimal slumber. It is a delightful experience that most people experience in hotels during vacations other than in their homes. Thus, now is the time to have them for your bedroom and enjoy them as you sleep at night.

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Also, you could have good beddings but you don’t change them as often. This is a bad habit to have as it kills the relaxing and unwinding mood that the bedroom should have. Use good beddings to boost your sleep environment and in return, you will enjoy the quality of sleep they help provide.

Have a sleep routine 

Everyone has a sleep routine that works best for them. Either it is a negative or positive one. It is still a routine that will help boost the type of sleep you get or not. Choose a more positive approach to the sleep routine you follow for eventually, they become habits. Try having a calming drink, cuddling to a good story with your partner, praying, meditating to listening to music the list is endless.

Choose a relaxing routine that you can follow often as it will help you thrive. Therefore, if you aim to sleep like a baby, set a routine and follow it without fail even during weekends. The consistency will help your body and mind anticipate this sleep time signals leading to a quick and smooth transition to slumberland.

Stop setting the alarm 

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In this modern-day and age, it is a necessary evil to set up an alarm clock to wake you up. No matter how annoying it is to wake up to that obnoxious noise every time, it is a habit that has stuck with us. Change this habit for better sleep for already your body has an internal clock known as the circadian rhythm.

This internal body clock is fine-tuned to help control both sleep and wake times. However, you need to know how it works to use it effectively for good sleep and a pleasant morning. Once a sleep routine is working effectively, your circadian rhythm works as naturally and efficiently as it is supposed to and it helps you wake and sleep naturally.

Makeup before bed 

The bedroom should be associated with sleep and sex alone. Therefore, if you had a disagreement with your partner before bed. Don’t make it a habit to take the argument in the bedroom or sleep angry at each other. Instead, kiss and make up before bedtime and you will both sleep well.

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Arguments with a partner are also a contributing factor to insomnia and it affects the quality and quantity of sleep you both get. Therefore, aim to be the responsive partner and try to end the argument to lower any anxiety between the two of you and as a result improve your sleep quality.

Stop sleeping in your contacts

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When it comes to whether you should sleep with your pajamas or not. Many doctors encourage to sleep without if you find it comfortable. However, when it comes to eye-contacts it is not advisable to do so whether you are too tired or too sleepy to remove them. Contacts make your eyes irritated, itchy and turn red when you sleep in them.

Additionally, if you do not change this sleep habit it leads to a serious infection that can affect your eyesight further. Also, while at removing your contacts, go ahead and remove any makeup you have on as well as it is harmful to your eyes and skin.

Turn out all the lights

When your bedroom is at pitch black is best for sleep. However, most people just turn off their main night light and forget the others no matter how small that light is visible in the room. Hence, it is important to turn out the bathroom light, a lighted alarm clock, the phone light and block out the security light with block out curtains. This is important as your body’s circadian rhythm can easily be compromised by exposure to light at night when it is supposed to be dark.

Besides, it suppresses your melatonin levels that are responsible to help your body sleep. Thus, you will find yourself struggling to sleep and in return, you get less quality sleep. Get in the good habit of sleeping in a pitch dark room and you will boost your sleep quality and sleep hygiene as well.


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